Wellness Sundays

A day of restoration

At ‘Oriental Therapies’ we have been running ‘Wellness Days’ for the past three year’s with great success and are in the process of organising next years schedule of events. Typically this event runs on a Sunday; however we can be available on other days subject to availability.

What Oriental therapies can offer is an ideal venue to Pilates, Yoga and similar small groups for one day ‘wellbeing days’ as an alternative to longer more expensive overseas health havens.

It offers a dedicated exercise studio with a capacity for eight people, walled mirrors and hard oak flooring and a separate clinic facility.

We offer an oriental garden retreat and professional catering for people to:

  1. Get away
  2. Exercise
  3. Unwind
  4. Eat great and very healthy food - all diets catered for vegetarian/vegan/wheat free/other
  5. Enjoy stress busting treatments.

I hope that Teachers will be interested in this as a value added event to include in their annual calendar.

Join us for a day of in depth Exercise, relaxing massage and delicious, nutritious food. There are usually two teaching sessions – one in the morning, the other later in the afternoon. There is a long break in between for you to enjoy a treatment with our recommended therapist; Healthcare Consultant Simon James, plus lunch and relaxation time.